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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I register a Domain Name?
Getting a domain name registered is the first step to having a real presence on the Internet. Combined with optional web hosting (we can suggest an ISP, or you can use your current ISP) you'll get a real internet address in the form of http://www.yourcompany.com instead of being "part" of a provider's web site. Once your name is registered you can also get optional business e-mail in the form of "name@yourcompany.com". Of course, you don't need a web site to have e-mail or vice versa.
How Do I Register a Name?
If you already know the name or names that you want to register, simply fill out our form located here:http://domains.purohits.com
Do I have to be a "company" to register a domain name?
No, individuals and organizations can also register domain names.
Once I register the domain name, what can I do with it?
Reserve it for future use. Use it for a Web page. There will be an additional charge to "create" the pages unless you would like to do this yourself. There will also be an additional charge for "hosting" of the web pages (as opposed to just "hosting" the domain name). The charge for this varies with the company providing the hosting, but would typically cost anywhere from $15 to $50 per month plus setup charges. (Note: There are also apparently several companies that claim to provide "free" web hosting in certain situations. Additionally, If you have a free website with your ISP, you will have to arrange with them to provide the "linking" of your domain name to your website. ISP's would typically (but not always) charge extra for this service.)
Use it for E-Mail. E-mail service is typically included in the price of the service described above but can be purchased separately, that is, without a web page or web site.
Find a Hosting Service:
Are you going to have a site with a database behind it? Then you will need to make sure the service allows the type of database you will be using. (i.e. Microsoft Access, SQL Server, etc). Do you want to sell items on your site? If so, how many? Some hosting sites only allow a minimum number of products on their site. Make sure any shopping cart program they provide allows for the number of products you want to sell. Are you going to need to do special programming on your site? I.E. will your developer be programming in ASP, Cold Fusion, Java, or Perl? If so, you need to make sure your hosting service provides an NT or Windows 2000 server for ASP, and a Unix Server for Perl, etc. How big will your site get? Will you need more than 50 Megabytes of space? and so on and so on .... you can Host site and have web space with us at reasonable prices.
Find a web developer:
Once you have the domain name and hosting issues worked out, you will now need to find a web developer (you may want to find the developer first so that you make sure your hosting service is on a platform that the developer programs for. I.E. Linux or Windows)
What is the going rate for web design?
This is a good question. Because you can find all kinds of prices for website design, ranging from $99.00 to several thousand dollars. But what kind of site are you going to get for $99.00? I'd be afraid to ask.
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