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cPanel comes with loads of features and great ease of use. You will wonder, how you missed it long when you use it....

cPanel Features

Manage Email Accounts (Add, Remove, Change Password)
WebMail for all Accounts
Auto Responders
Custom Mail Filtering
Mailing Lists (mailman)
Ability to Modify an MX Entry
Spam Filtering
Webalizer Web Stats
Webalizer Ftp Stats
Analog Stats
View Latest Visitors
View Bandwidth Usage
View Error Log
Download a raw log file
Manage FTP Accounts (Add, Remove, Change Password)
Anonymous FTP Controls
Ability to kill FTP sessions
Site Tools
Web Protect (htaccess editor)
Ability to Change Site and FrontPage password
Custom Error Pages
Ability to Edit Mime Types
Ability to Edit Apache Handlers
Install FrontPage Extensions
Uninstall FrontPage Extensions
WEB BASED File Manager
Ability to Add/Remove Subdomains
Subdomain Redirects
Stats for Subdomains
Advanced Tools
SSH access
Manage PGP Keys
Cron Jobs
Pre-Installed CGI Scripts
Interchange Cart
Agora Cart
Bulletin Board
Java Chat
CGI Wrapper (for non-suexec installs)
Random HTML Generator
Advanced Guestbook
Counter Generator
Java Clock Generator
Java Countdown Generator
Secure FormMail clone
Entropy Search
Entropy Banner
Network Tools
DNS Lookup
Database Management
Manage MySQL Databases (Add, Remove, Change Password, Add AccessHosts)
phpMyAdmin Access
Free 1-Click Script
Free 1-Click Script is an amazing CPanel/PHP based Web application. It integrates with CPanel and gives you the ability to automagically install following Open Source Applications:

b2 (0.6.1)
b2evolution (
Nucleus (2.0)
pMachine Free (2.3)
WordPress (1.0.1) Portals/CMS:
Drupal (4.3.2)
Geeklog (1.3.8-1sr4)
Mambo Open Source (4.5(1.0.5))
PHP-Nuke (7.0) (visit site)
phpWCMS (1.1-RC2)
phpWebSite (0.9.3-2 english)
Post-Nuke ( (visit site)
Siteframe (3.1.2)
Xoops ( Customer Support:
Crafty Syntax Live Help (2.7)
Help Center Live (1.2.2)
osTicket (1.2.5)
PHP Support Tickets (1.7)
Support Logic Helpdesk (1.1)
Support Services Manager (1.0b) Discussion Boards:
Invision Board (1.3)
phpBB2 (2.0.8a)
YaBBSE (1.5.5c) E-Commerce:
CubeCart (2.0.1)
OS Commerce (2.2 MS2) FAQ:
FAQMasterFlex (1.0) Image Galleries:
4images Gallery (1.7)
Coppermine Photo Gallery (1.2.1)
Gallery (1.4.2) Mailing List:
PHPlist (2.7.2) Polls and Surveys:
Advanced Poll (2.03)
phpESP (1.6.1)
PHPSurveyor (0.97) Project Management:
PHProjekt (4.1.1)
dotProject (1.0.2) Other Scripts:
Moodle (1.2.1)
Noah's Classifieds (1.3)
Open-Realty (1.1.5b)
phpAdsNew (2.0)
PHPauction (2.1)
phpCOIN (1.2.0)
phpFormGenerator (2.06)
phpLinks (2.1.2)
WebCalendar (0.9.43)
With Free 1-Click Script you can
- install in the main directory, in addon domains and in subdomains
- create Features Sets so different users have different set of available scripts
- get notifications when you install/remove applications
- have a complete overview over the installations performed



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